Kindergarten & Care

A huge thank you for supporting Ellie to be the confident, indpendant person she has become.  She misses you all already.


13 July 2021

Please continue providing best early childhood experience for our young learners with all your endless love and care.  Greatful and blessed that my children experienced being part of the kindergarten family.

30 June, 2021

I would like to say a big thank you to the team.  My child has some amzaing memories to take away with him.  It is not easy as a mother/parent when we finally go back to work.  But the transition and the support the teams offer is outstanding and amazing.

June, 2021


I am greatful that the Graduation Kindergarten programme prepared my children for school in all aspects, especially their socialisation skills.

30 June, 2021

The Graduation Kindergarten is fully equipped and capable in nurtuing young minds and hearts and I know in my heart that they are committed on every child's development and education.

June, 2021

The Seesaw profiles clearly show and reflect their progression that they have made in their learning and development since attending the kindergarten.

30 June, 2021

Hugely impressed with all the science and exploring.  It's clear the kaiako are very passionate about empowering their children.

May, 2021

From the get-go, both children have been accepted, nurtured and made to feel at home.  More importantly, both children are respected for who they are and embraced in their diversity.


We are confident cuddles are given where needed and mindful, holistic approach to behaviours are supported.  We are confident the kaiako are working alongside us, not against us and their goals are aligned to ours: to raise happy, well rounded, independent tamariki.


"As always with the staff at Scallywaggs, we felt Mason's profile book was a real reflection of who he is, and was very relatable"


"Mason is well adapted to regular routines, and while he is struggling a little with longer periods of concentration at school, I feel the best benefit Mason received is having the confidence to learn. He is still rhyming almost everything!"

"Just a huge thank you to all you have done for our family over the last 7 years. We couldn't have achieved what we have professionally without the ongoing and unwavering support your center offered our children. It made the decision for me to work far less painful, and our children are better, more rounded little people because of their years at Scallywaggs"

Sarah Schaw


"I love how Scallywaggs take an interest in individuals and cater for each child on daily activites"


"Staff have been very good in caring for and teaching my daughter.  They all treat her like their own child and all other children in class.  Great work in making sure you have the right people to care for your students."


"The environment which has been created by the teachers is one that management should be extremely proud of.  Such a wonderful nurturing environment lead by genuine, caring educated staff".

Paula Stoddart

  You have a great team. We felt comfortable leaving Ella there in your care. She learnt such a lot in such a sort amount of time. 

Kalan & Chloe Mexted

" Our family could not operate without the teaching staff at Scallywaggs.  Across all of the class rooms our children are loved and supported, which makes our busy lifestyle easier to manage.  The learning that happens at Scallywaggs is invaluable, and I'm sure is a big part of why our oldest child has fitted into school so well "

- Sarah Schaw

I love that the teaching team fostered Stevie's passion for numbers, and gave her the room to be the leader when Stevie was that way inclined. Scallywagg's are lucky to have such a dedicated group of teachers in that kindergarten, the quality and passion they put into their teaching is amazing. 

Sarah Schaw

"Toby had many wonderful experiences in the time he was in the programme.  For example, visiting the Pakeke Centre was something Toby particularly enjoyed.  He also loved the hands on activites he took part in such as cooking and taking apart different appliances etc.  Going to the fun gym and the many excursions around Waipukurau, such as visiting the library and the local parks, were another of his favourites.  We feel that these things and much more have enabled Toby to develop a larger awareness of the world around him.  Keep up the fantastic work.  We loved the warm, family vibe at Scallywaggs and the teachers always made us feel welcome.  The quality of care, learning and development children get from the programme at Scallywaggs is second to none.  We were only sorry we hadn't enrolled Toby sooner. Well done!"

Deborah Moss

"Overall I'm a very, very happy customer and will recommend Scallywaggs to any other parent.  Boschi thrived in kindy and that's the reason why he loves going to school now. Thank you, Scallywaggs."

Chriga Graf

"The Graduation programme is awesome, we felt it really helped Hannah to become more confident and made her transition to school very easy.  We were always informed by the teachers as to what is happening and how Hannah was adjusting to new roles and new experiences.  We feel that Hannah has benefited from the Graduation class by her confidence growing.  Being amongst her peers she has really come out of her shell.  It has helped her to become more of a leader as opposed to sitting and watching and being a follower.  We feel that Graduation Kindergarten has been absolutely brilliant and is very well run.  I am very happy to say that I recommend the whole Scallywaggs system to anybody"

- Lottie Suttor

"We would like to acknowledge how caring and amazing ALL the teachers really are at ALL the different houses.  It is so nice that everyone always says hello and knows everyones names and says have a nice day or asks how your day was etc.  It really can make a huge difference, especially if children are upset and I am trying to rush out the door for work.  Overall we feel that Scallywaggs is awesome!"

- Christine Greaves

"Sonny loved his time in Graduation Kindegarten and was very sad to leave.  It was such a safe and welcoming environment and it was lovely to know that everyday I dropped Sonny off to a place like that.  I will always be grateful for Sonny's time at Scallywaggs and I know that he will always remember it with such fondness"

- Melissa Mills

"Jaden has always had the best care with Scallywaggs and we as a family have always felt welcomed.  They go the extra mile to see that all our needs are met.  We appreciate the love that goes into the learning from all the care givers.  We are eternally greatful to the whole group at Scallwaggs.  It has been a wonderful journey and we let others know how wonderful the centre is "

- Hine Pekepo

We love the Seesaw App.  It gives the whanau in the UK an amazing insight to our kiwi life here.

17, May, 2021