Kindergarten & Care

Kia Ora and welcome to Scallywaggs Middle Kindergarten

We extend an open invitation to parents and caregivers to spend as much time as you wish with your child in this exciting learning environment.  The Middle Kindergarten teaching team are there for you whenever you need us. Please don’t hesitate to call on us for assistance where needed.

Here are a few tips that will help you settle into our centre:

  • Your child needs to be signed in and out, with your signature, on the orange sheet every day.


  • Our programme operates between the hours of 9am and 3pm  (however Scallywaggs Kindergarten & Care is open from 7:30am – 5:30pm)


  • Named Belongings - Please ensure that your child’s belongings, including bags, lunch box and drink bottles are clearly named. This will prevent items from becoming misplaced.  Please name bags on the outside. 


  • Positive Behaviour Strategies – The Middle Kindergarten supports children to make good choices incorporating strategies from the Incredible Years. These strategies empower children to make positive and independent learning choices.  There is detailed information on the parent noticeboard by the cubbies or feel free to ask a teacher.


  • Healthy Heart – Scallywaggs supports the healthy heart programme running in conjunction with Sport Hawkes Bay.  We would appreciate your support in promoting health education to your child.   Feel free to ask our team for any information you may need. There is a notice board with some ideas, please contribute or use any helpful ideas.


  • Drinks – We only offer water at Scallywaggs so please supply a named drink bottle.  Any other drink products will be returned home this includes flavoured milk drinks, up and go, yakult and other similar milk products.


  • Food -  We encourage healthy eating, encouraging the children to choose 2 healthy choices from their lunchboxes first.  All sweets or high sugar foods such as lollies, chocolate, strings, roll ups and similar will be removed and sent home. 


  • Scallywaggs supplies morning tea which consists of sandwiches and fruit.  At afternoon tea, we encourage your child to eat from their lunch box unless it is empty, then we will offer fruit.   


  • Lunchboxes are stored in the cubby holes in the bag area and drink bottles on the table outside the kitchen. Again ensure that your child’s belongings are clearly named.


  • If you require your child’s lunch to be heated, please supply the food in a microwave container for ease of heating.  Please name yoghurts and put these in our fridge.  Ask the team if you need assistance finding things.


  • Please send your child with at least 2 sets of spare named clothing and a reusable bag.  Children often have accidents or become wet or dirty through water, sand, paint and messy play.


  • We may go on spontaneous walks into the community, so it is important that your child has appropriate named shoes to wear.  Gumboots are recommended for the winter or wetter periods.


  • Toileting – we will support your child to toilet train by reminding them at regular intervals.  Please bring several changes of clothes, socks, wet wipes anda reusable wet bag to support your child’s well-being during this process. Toileting is documented daily on a clip board in the bathroom.


  • Nappies - If your child is in nappies or pull-ups, please supply enough for the day and some wet wipes. Ideally 3-4 nappies should be plenty.


  • After lunchtime we provide a sleep/rest time and ask that you provide a named sheet and blanket. No pillows please. These are returned to you to be laundered at regular intervals.  Wet or soiled bedding will be sent home on that day.   Sleep time is documented daily on a sleep chart with times of when your child is asleep and awakens.


  • Artwork created by your child will be stored in our art box.  Please check it regularly and take home your child’s precious work.


  • Your child’s profile book is available to them at all times so they can share their accomplishments with their peers, teachers and family.  Please feel free to sit with your child and look at their book.  You are welcome to take your child’s profile book home to share with family; however it needs to be returned to the Centre within 7 days.  Please sign it out in the book above the profile stand. Thank you.


  • Please feel free to approach the teaching team at any time if you are unsure of anything, or have any queries or concerns.  We are happy to address all matters and love to chat with our families and share your child’s day with you.


  • Planning – our programme is planned according to individual children’s needs and our identified priorities.   Please feel free to add your voice to our programme.



  • As a centre we undertake internal reviews on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting the needs of our children, families, the community and any legislative requirements. Please see our planning sheet to find out the latest self review.  If you have anything to share, please make some notes or speak to a team member.


  • Middle Kindergarten surveys will be sent home with your child from time to time.


  • Policies – These are legislative requirements set out by the Ministry of Education.  You can review the policies at any time while at the centre. We invite you to participate in our review process which takes place monthly.  The policies due for review are listed in the monthly newsletter and are available at the front office or in the Middle Kindergarten.


  • Scallywaggs receives funding from the Ministry of Education, details of this spending is displayed on the parent notice board.


  • In this pack there is an “all about me sheet”. This information helps us to understand each child enabling us to develop a stronger relationship with your child.  It is important that we are aware of your family values, beliefs and culture, as well as each child’s individual strengths and interests. Please fill this out and return it with your enrolment form.


Middle Kindergarten Fees

- Booked hours - $5.60 per hour

- Casual hours - $7.50 per hour

- 20 ECE hours - No Charge

Daily Programme         

9.00     Haere mai~ welcome and free play opportunities

9.45    Morning tea.

10.00   Free play and learning opportunities that support the individual needs of our tamariki: 

  • Park visits
  • Town walks
  • Excursions
  • Orchard/Meadow
  • Fun Gym/Rope course
  • Paddock
  • Adventure playground
  • Toy Town
  •  Library Visits

11.20    Clean up time

11.30 – 12.30     Lunch

12.30    Learning opportunities refreshed for continual daily programme.

2.15      Mat time and afternoon tea.                            

2.45      Tidy up

3.00      Farewell/Haere ra.            


Our flexible programme is organised to suit the needs of individual children.

Children’s drink bottles and lunch boxes are stored in cubbies while refrigerated or heated foods are stored in the kitchen.

Toileting is monitored and documented regularly throughout the day.


What I Learn at Kindergarten

III have the opportunity to learn:

  • to be away from my parents and this may take some time
  • to work with teachers and other adults
  • to work alone or alongside my peers in small or large groups
  • to share & to co-operate
  • to follow simple routines
  • to learn and understand boundaries for play
  • to learn and understand social boundaries
  • to develop concentration skills
  • to be independent but not afraid to ask for help
  • to be able to do things for myself even though it can often take me a long time
  • to ask questions and answer them
  • to select and choose
  • to share home experiences at kindergarten and vice versa
  • to be informed and able to make the right choices


How we encourage your child to achieve positive self help skills

We actively engage the children to take responsibility for their health and well being. At the same time, we understand they are only 3 years old which is why we are on hand to support them when needed.

We know your child is special which is why we take the time to engage with them, teach them and let them teach us how to do things. They often learn from and help each other.

Valuable life skills such as going to the toilet independently, taking off or putting on our clothing, cleaning up and helping friends are the main learning goals we hope to achieve. 

We are preparing your child for future goals such as the Senior or Graduation Kindergartens where these and many other skills are refined before they move onto school.


Here are some of the ways in which we promote good self help skills and independence at the Middle Kindergarten.

  • Support children to take responsibility for own belongings by asking them to put their things in their bags.
  • Praise a child when they return their lunch box to cubbies & drink bottles with lunchbox or in the blue container.
  • Drink bottles are on hand for ease of use and children are encouraged to drink regularly throughout the day. Water fountains are available both inside and outside which the children may use, more than bottles.
  • Many children like their privacy when using the bathroom. There is always a teacher on hand to encourage your child to pull up or down their clothing or perhaps show them how. 
  • We encourage the children to wipe themselves but a teacher is available to support if needed. 
  • Reminders are in place to wash hands after using the facilities to keep us healthy.
  • We remind the children to put our hat, shoes and socks in their bags or the correct container. Taking care of our environment.
  • Praise children for putting on their own socks and shoes and showing others how to do this. 
  •  We reward daily with praise, stickers and good choice awards for the most amazing efforts we capture.