Kindergarten & Care

Welcome to Scallywaggs Tots and Toddlers


This information sheet will ensure your time in the Tots and Toddlers is positive and runs smoothly.  Please keep it handy as it may be useful to refer to from time to time.

  • To enable a positive transition into the Tots and Toddlers we feel it is important to visit a couple of times before your child’s official date of entry.


  • At Tots and Toddlers we use the primary caregiving approach where your child is primarily cared for by one key teacher.  Our aim is to provide dependable adults to build independent children.


  • Please sign your child in and out each day.  If your child is absent or going to be away, please let the office know.  This is important as it ensures all children are able to be accounted for during the day and in the event of an emergency.


  • Please supply nappies and wipes for your child, and sufficient changes of named clothing to enable your child to explore and have fun!


  • Please provide lunch, a named drink bottle or sipper cup, bottles with formula or milk for your child.  Please pack a healthy selection of food. 


  • Scallywaggs provides morning and afternoon tea consisting of sandwiches,  fruit and sometimes baking.


  • For your child’s comfort at sleep time please provide a familiar blanket.


  • All medication required to be administered whilst at kindergarten is to be detailed in the medicine folder with written permission.


  • We are unable to administer medicine unless it is detailed and signed for by the   parent / caregiver.  This is a legal requirement that we must have on our records.


  • While your child is at Tots & Toddlers the teachers will take photos, write learning stories, gather artwork and capture magic moments in their play.  This will be recorded in a profile which we encourage families to contribute to and look through whenever you choose.


  • We have an open door communication ‘policy’.  Our teaching team welcomes parents, caregivers, families/whānau to chat and share information about your child’s learning and development any time.


  • Formal information sharing time can be arranged with the Head Teacher if you have any queries and/or concerns.


  • We welcome and value your support, sharing knowledge and working together with us in partnership to enhance your child’s holistic learning and development.


  • Please write any special daily requirements on the sign-in sheet or let the teachers know on the day.


  • We undertake self reviews on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting the needs of children, families, and the community as well as regulation requirements.  We invite and encourage you to be actively involved in this process.


  • We invite you to participate and contribute in our policy review process. The policies due for review will be avilable for you to read online.


  • A Tots & Toddlers survey will be sent home with your child from time to time.


  • Scallywaggs Kindergarten & Care receives funding from the Ministry of Education and the record of spending is displayed on the parent notice board.


 Tots & Toddlers Fees  

- Booked hours - $6.60 per hour

- Casual hours - $10.00 per hour




Daily Programme


7:50am                         Centre opens / Welcome

                                        Free play inside/outside


8:55am                          Junior Kindergarten children move to their centre


9:30am                          Morning tea


10:00am                        Morning sleepers to bed


                                         Free play inside/outside

                                         (transition visits to Junior  Kindergarten). 


11:15am                        Mat-time/Sharing time/Music and Movement


11:30am                        Lunchtime




12:00 -1:00pm             Preparing children for sleep


2:00pm                          Afternoon Tea




3:00pm                           Junior Kindergarten children booked after 3:00pm

                                          will join us                    


5:15pm                          Tots and Toddlers closes


We will  meet each individual child's sleeping and feeding requirements.


What I Learn at Tots and Toddlers


I learn that my health and well-being is nurtured and protected.


I learn to develop a sense of responsibility for my own well-being and

that of others.


I learn to develop confidence and trust with my teachers and people

outside my family.


I learn to develop a sense of self worth.


I learn to develop the ability to identify my own emotional responses

and those of others.


I learn to explore in an environment that is consistent and continual.


I learn to develop my self-help and self-care skills for eating, drinking,

food preparation, toileting, resting, sleeping, washing and dressing.


I learn to maintain concentration and be involved.


I learn a positive attitude towards sharing and turn-taking with my peers.


I learn that my parents and teachers are in partnership together for the

benefit of my well-being.