Kindergarten & Care




Kia ora

Ko Kim Mullany ahau

Head Teacher

I hold a Bachelor of Teaching ECE and live with my husband and our three boys.

I believe in providing a nurturing environment full of interesting learning opportunities led by our tamariki’s interests. I value incorporating the arts into the curriculum as a form of self-expression, and to aid in the development of other areas of learning such as numeracy and literacy.

I have been involved in Early Childhood Education since 2008.  I value how my work and home life are all interconnected and how knowledge skills and experiences gained in one area provide a valuable resource that I can draw on in another.





My name is Kaycie Fletcher (Bachelor of Education Early Years 0-8)and I worked previously with the Scallywaggs Kids Club team for five years. Inspired to learn more about teaching and learning I spent the next three years at Massey University. Coming back home to finish my degree I joined the teaching team at Kids Club and relieved in our other centres.  I now work with our children in Middle Kindergarten as a qualified provisionally registered teacher.

I believe strong positive relationships are essential for an effective learning environment, sense of belonging and empowerment. I also believe children are capable and competent learners and bring into the learning environment their unique experiences, knowledge, skills and cultural identity.




Hi, my name is Lindsey Harris and I am a mum to two children.  I have recently completed my Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education through New Zealand Tertiary College.  This has been a change of career for me having previously worked in the health profession for 20 years. 

I believe in creating a safe, inclusive, happy environment where each child feels a strong sense of belonging.  It is important to me that each child's individuality is respected and through this a child is able to grow towards their full potential and as a result become a life long learner.

I feel very fortunate to have found a job I love and to have the opportunity to work alongside your child, yourself and your whanau.



Kia ora, hello my name is Chris Johnson

As a fully registered and qualified Early Childhood Teacher I am passionate about ensuring that all children are provided with equitable and meaningful opportunities to grow as competent and capable life-long learners.  Safe in the knowledge that they too are able to realise their true potential through learning experiences that are reflective of their cultural identity, interests, strengths and needs.  This is achieved by working in partnership with their whānau, teachers, key stake holders and the wider community.

The ultimate goal for me as a teacher is knowing that I have played an important role by helping to lay down the foundation where children will be empowered to grow and make valued and meaningful contributions to their whānau, community and society throughout their lives.